Monthly Meetings

Meeting are held in Marritt Hall at the Ancaster Fair Grounds starting at 7:30 pm. Scroll down to see all the details from past meetings.

July 15 – Open meeting – Qs&As

Members can share any bee experiences that they have had or get answers to their questions. Don will share 2 recent experiences: 1 Catching swarms in bait boxes. 2 Relocating a hive on the same property.

June 17 Guest speaker – Dr. Gard Otis

“Honey bee swarming: a lesson in cooperation and group decision-making.” Perhaps we humans can learn something about cooperation and peaceful decision-making from our bees!    Dr. Gard Otis studies the ecology, behaviour and evolution of honey bees and butterflies. His early passion was birds, but as a student at Duke University he “discovered” insects as researchContinue reading “June 17 Guest speaker – Dr. Gard Otis”

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