Do you have a bee swarm you need removed?

Typical bee swarms, beekeepers love to capture.

Swarming is a normal part of the annual life cycle of bees. Once a bee colony in a hive grows too large or it’s queen ages, 50% of the bees and the queen leave the hive in search of a new home. This ensures the survival and expansion of the colony.

The swarm in a tree, or on the side of a house, or eaves-trough, is temporary as scout bees are looking for a new home for the colony.

If the swarm is easily accessible, a beekeeper will be able to remove the bees often/usually without charge. Pictures help determine what equipment is needed e.g. ladder, saw etc.

However, if the swarm has settled into a structure, you may require specialized services to clean up the honey, beeswax, open the structure, remove the bees and repair it. You should ask for a quote.

Honey bees in a swarm are generally gentle and not inclined to sting or attack unless threatened. If you would like someone to come out and remove the swarm, please take a few photos and email them to us. This will give us an idea of what equipment will be necessary i.e. ladders and will help us determine if they are bees. While bumblebees, carpenter bees, mason bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are important pollinators, most beekeepers will not assist with their removal.

This is NOT a honey bee swarm

For swarm removal please send an email & pictures to Thank you.

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