Thurs. Nov 18 – Zoom Paul Kelly guest speaker

Topics: How to how to successfully over winter bees,  which insulating technique he considers the best, how and when to move hives to a new location, the new building project, and answering any question the members may have. Paul has managed the Honey Bee Research Centre since 1987. His primary role at the centre is toContinue reading “Thurs. Nov 18 – Zoom Paul Kelly guest speaker”

Thurs Aug 19 meeting

Guest speaker is Rodney Richardson from the University of Maryland. He will explain the landscape effects on colony growth and identifying pollen species with hi-tech DNA methods. Dr. Richardson is an assistant professor of molecular ecology at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Appalachian Laboratory. He has broad interests in applying molecular methodsContinue reading “Thurs Aug 19 meeting”

June 17 Guest speaker – Dr. Gard Otis

“Honey bee swarming: a lesson in cooperation and group decision-making.” Perhaps we humans can learn something about cooperation and peaceful decision-making from our bees!    Dr. Gard Otis studies the ecology, behaviour and evolution of honey bees and butterflies. His early passion was birds, but as a student at Duke University he “discovered” insects as researchContinue reading “June 17 Guest speaker – Dr. Gard Otis”

May 20 – Bonus 2 meetings!

“How to get started keeping bees,” a special zoom meeting hosted by Don, targeted for beginner beekeepers! This meeting will start at 6 pm & run until 7:15 pm. Have a question on beekeeping? Bring it on! Our regular meeting will be an open question & answer meeting. No guest speaker this week. Start timeContinue reading “May 20 – Bonus 2 meetings!”